TRADESROGUE has lived as an artisan brand in Nathaniel Smith’s family for hundreds of years, originating in Kilkenny, Ireland with Nathaniel’s ancestors who were armor and jewelry tradesman. 
The brand has been passed from generation to generation, with successive antecedents putting their own stamp of eccentricity on the goods they made.

Nathaniel has continued his family’s tradition of fine metal work and paired it with the oldest leather craftsmanship traditions. Trades Rogue merges bold design with fiercly elegant style, and each bag is crafted with the finest, most beautiful materials and meticulous hand sewing.

Many of the custom design elements are inspired by far away places and the tough style of Nathaniel’s early punk rock days. These bags are created to elicit feelings of freedom, adventure and pride and are meant for the men and women who work hard, play hard, and aren’t afraid to embrace their inner beast. Nathaniel is proud to continue sharing his long ancestral tradition in each collection.

About the Designer

Nathaniel Smith was born in Dallas, Texas. He grew up spending all of his spare time painting and building things. When he was 17, he left home and jumped trains for 6 months. During that experience, he got a taste for the big, wide world. Shortly afterwards, he moved to Austin and was taken in by a tribe of performers that would soon become his family. He became a performing clown in an avante garde circus and toured throughout the United States, Australia, and New Zealand.

At the age of 19, he moved to San Francisco and came of age in the underground San Francisco art scene. He launched his first clothing brand, spent years in Bali working side-by-side with artisans of all types, and his love of artisan creation was born. When he was 28, he decided to close his brand and chase the sun to Los Angeles where he decided to continue this birthright brand and Trades Rogue came to fruition. Nathaniel lives between Seattle and Los Angeles and is dedicated to making beautiful things that have a voice.